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(Ultimate) Banana Nut Bread

22 Apr

Ultimate Banana Nut Bread

Being back in the kitchen feels amazing.  Though vacations can be joyfully inspiring and rejuvenating, they often make me miss the comforts of my own kitchen.  I tasted all these wonderful creations, and I did not have any supplies at the ready to recreate them while the flavors were fresh on my tongue.  I couldn’t even practice the skills I learned in my bread-making class.  After two weeks of eating out for nearly every meal, I was ready to be reunited with my kitchen.

I allowed myself a night or two of rest before I started pulling out the measuring cups and warming up my mixer.  The farmer’s market has been practically given away bananas, so I thought it was high time that I try America’s Test Kitchen’s Ultimate Banana Bread (recipe at the bottom of NPR article).  I have been tucking this recipe away for a long time since it calls for six bananas.  Yes, six.  Plus, the recipe calls itself “ultimate,” which always makes me skeptical.  Six bananas gotta be worth it, you know?

Ultimate Banana Nut Bread

This banana bread is for the purists.  The banana flavor comes out strong and fast, which is a welcome change from the standard banana breads out there.  If the shingled banana slices didn’t tip you off, this bread is not for the faint of heart.  Or those with kidney failure.  With six bananas, a few slices will probably give you a day’s worth of potassium.  Totally balances out the stick of butter.