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Baguette Making–In Progress

26 Apr


I am serious about this bread making business. I have been making baguettes like a fiend since coming back from Paris. Honestly, I think I was ready to come back home and be reunited with my oven as soon as my French breads class ended. My poor friends have been regularly finding the results of my attempts in their mailboxes.

In Progress

I am not quite there yet. The crust just isn’t as magically crisp, crunchy, chewy as those found in the boulangeries around France. I’m still working on shaping the breads without working it too much. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Don’t even get me started on the soft, inner part. It still mystifies me. I really do love my friends for being willing to try anything.

Baguette Batch #2

One thing I have learned throughout all of this is not to use cheap flour. It may be all-purpose, it may be unbleached, it may come in that a pretty brown bag that makes you think it’s all organic, but store brand flour is not the same as King Arthur flour. It’s all about the protein.